Adolf Cluss Cube Heilbronn, 2005
Adolf Cluss Cube Heilbronn, 2005


The Adolf Cluss Project

Life and Work of Adolf Cluss came and still come to life on several places in Heilbronn with the background of the history and culture of the city in the 19th century:

> Life and work of Adolf Cluss in the Adolf Cluss Cube, a building especially erected for this exhibition (from September 9, 2005, to January 15, 2006)

> Heilbronn in the 19th Century, in the City Archives (since October 2005)

> A Historial Path throughout the city as a connection between the various exhibition components (from September 9, 2005, to June 30, 2006)

> The history of the Cluss familiy, in the WeinVilla (since February 2006)



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