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2010, Juli
Previously Unknown Cluss Buildings Found
A New Exhibition on the Internet (Heilbronn City Archives)
The Coalition for Franklin School

2009, Juni
Reopening of Eastern Market
Cluss's Work at Washington’s Fort McNair
Cluss/Kammerhueber Album Discovered
The Adolf Cluss Podcast: Adolf Cluss and the Communists

2008, Juni
New Photos of Calvary Baptist Church Discovered

2007, Mai
A Terrible Fire has Ravaged Cluss's Market

2006, November
Heilbronn's Cluss Bridge Carries People and Ideas

2006, Mai
Cluss Book Receives Hitchcock Award
Future of Cluss Buildings

2006, März
Vielen Dank! Many Thanks! (By Joe Browne, Project Director)
It's Just Begun…
Cluss' Drawing of Catholic University
Why Adolf Cluss? (By William Gilcher, Goethe-Institut Washington D.C.

2006, Februar
Why Cluss? (By Helmut Himmelsbach, Lord Mayor of Heilbronn)
AC Visits DC
Cluss and Communism (By Gary Grassl, President, German-American Heritage Society)

2006, Januar
Schluss mit Cluss (Ending of the Exhibition in Heilbronn)
Cluss Buildings Online
Artifacts from the Exhibition

2005, Dezember
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Graham Caldwell, artist)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Gary Grassl, President, German-American Heritage Society)
Artifacts from the Exhibition
Project Honored with Visions Award

2005, November
International Festivities
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Heribert Uschtrin, Director, Goethe-Institut Washington)
The Cluss Cube in Heilbronn
Adolf Cluss and the Heilbronner Turnfest
Artifacts from the Exhibition

2005, Oktober
The Exhibition Opened! (Washington D.C.)
My Visit to Heilbronn, Germany (By Judy Capurso, Archivist, Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Miriam Eberlein, Stadtarchiv Heilbronn)
Artifacts from the Exhibition
Cluss Family Reunion

2005, September
Opening of the Exhibition in Heilbronn, Germany
Cluss Family Album

2005, August
Adolf-Cluss-Exhibit Heilbronn: Objects Arrive from the USA
Eastern Market Commemoration
Artifacts from the Exhibition
Renovation of the Smithsonian Castle

2005, Juli
Sculpture Project
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Charles Lancaster, Sculptor)
Artifacts from the Exhibition
The Masonic Temple of the Grand Lodge of Washington, DC

2005, Juni
Washington in 3D: A Stereoview Glimpse of Cluss and the 19th Century
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Prof. Dr. Christhard Schrenk, Director, City Archives, Heilbronn)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Cynthia R. Field, Director, Office of Architectural History and Historic Preservation, Smithsonian Institution)
Artifacts from the Exhibition
Concordia Opera House
The Patent Office Building

2005, Mai
Gifts from Cluss's Great-grandson
CD Project: Spaces, Music and Sounds of the 19th Century in Washington, DC and Heilbronn
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Helmut Kopetzky, Journalist and Sound Designer)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Alex van Oss, Writer/Producer)
Academy of the Visitation
St. John's College

2005, April
Why Adolf Cluss? (Christof Mauch, Director, German Historical Institute, Washington)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Dr. Alan Lessoff, Department of History, Illinois State University)
The Ferguson and Wilson Houses
The Spencer F. Baird House

2005, März
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Mike Lesperance, Aaron Smith, and Lonny Schwartz of The Design Minds, the Washington, DC exhibition design firmOne)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Peer and Marcel Friedel of CreativTeam, the Heilbronn, Germany exhibition designers)
The Army Medical Museum and Library and Other Military Commissions
Franklin School Update

2005, Februar
Calvary Church's Steeple Returns!
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Peter Wanner, City Historiyn, Stadtarchiv Heilbronn)
Why Adolf Cluss? (By Tanya Edwards Beauchamp, Architectural Historian)
The Adolf Cluss Cube in Heilbronn
Agriculture Department Building
Alexandria City Hall

2005, Januar
Cluss Wine
Portland Flats Building
Franklin Terrace Houses

2004, Herbst
Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives Offers Space for the Exhibition
St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church
Calvary Baptist Church

2004, Frühjahr
Washington's Team Cluss Visits Heilbronn
Cluss's Plans for S.F. Baird House Discovered
Eastern and Center Markets

2003, Winter
Information about Adolf Cluss
Franklin School
Arts & Industries Building

2003, Sommer
Project and Exhibition Planning
Concordia Music Hall



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