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John K. Wills Residences (102)

1013 and 1015 14th Street, NW
Constructed in 1870, demolished in the 1940s

John K. Wills so admired the houses Cluss designed for Mattingly and Beveridge (101) that he asked Cluss to design similar houses for him on his lots on the east side of Fourteenth Street, just north of K Street. Apparently the major difference was the size of the houses. The Fourteenth Street houses were each 2950 square feet (274 square meters), considerably smaller than the H Street houses that were both more than 4000 square feet (371.61 square meters).

Wills, a lawyer, evidently never lived in either house. He or his heirs sold the houses soon after their completion.

Cluss's architecture influenced the nearby neighborhood. On K Street, from Thirteenth to Fifteenth streets, he designed two schools, (55) and (66), a five unit row house, (37), single family residences, (39), (43) and (103), and one duplex (78). Within a block of K Street, he also designed a church (5) on Thirteenth Street and a house (80) and a hotel (18) on Fifteenth Street.




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