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John A. Gray
John A. Gray's Hotel

John A. Gray's Hotel (18)

920 15th Street, NW
Constructed in 1868, demolished before 1927

John A. Gray was previously steward at the Metropolitan Club. Among those present for the opening party of his hotel on 15th Street were "a majority of his old patrons," including Generals Thomas, Banks, Michler, and French, and "Mr. Lansburgh, Mr. Adolph Cluss, Mr. W. L. Huntington (the President of the First National Bank)."

Renamed the McPherson House in 1879, it was remodeled and enlarged in 1894 as Buckingham's Hotel.

Cluss's architecture influenced the nearby neighborhood. On K Street, from Thirteenth to Fifteenth streets, he designed two schools, (55) and (66), a five unit row house, (37), other single family residences, (39), (43) and (103), and one duplex (78). Within a block of K Street, he also designed a church (5) on Thirteenth Street, a duplex on Fourteenth Street (102), and a house (80) on Fifteenth Street.




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