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Edward Weston residence, 1936
Edward Weston Residence, 1936 (partially hidden by the tree)

Edward Weston Residence (43)

1426 K Street, NW
Constructed in 1878, demolished 1950

In 1878, Cluss and Schulze designed a residence for Edward Weston, a retired New York banker, railroad investor, and stock broker. Weston already owned a house in New York and a large summer home in Yonkers, NY. Like many successful northern businessmen in the 1870s-1880s, Weston wanted a winter house in Washington.

Satisfied with the large brick townhouse, Weston asked Cluss two years later to construct Washington's first luxury apartment house, the Portland Flats.

Cluss's architecture influenced the nearby neighborhood. On K Street, from Thirteenth to Fifteenth streets, he designed two schools, (55) and (66), a five unit row house, (37), other single family residences, (39) and (103), and one duplex (78). Within a block of K Street, he also designed a church (5) on Thirteenth Street, a duplex on Fourteenth Street (102) and a house (80) and a hotel (18) on Fifteenth Street.





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