Katherine McCarthy Residence (80)

917 15th Street NW
Constructed in 1885, demolished

John B. McCarthy built this house for his widowed mother, Katherine McCarthy. He was probably well-acquainted with Cluss and Schulze, whom he hired as his architects. John McCarthy, a journalist, worked for several Washington newspapers as well as the Baltimore Sun. He was an active member of the Washington Press Club. In 1885, the new senator from California, Leland Stanford, appointed McCarthy as his private secretary for political and Senate business. A year later Cluss and Schulze designed a large stable for Senator Stanford (69).

Cluss's architecture influenced the nearby neighborhood. On K Street, from Thirteenth to Fifteenth streets, he designed two schools, (55) and (66), a five unit row house, (37), other single family residences, (39), (43) and (103), and one duplex (78). Within a block of K Street, he also designed a church (5) on Thirteenth Street, a duplex on Fourteenth Street (102), and a hotel (18) on Fifteenth Street.




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